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Greenstar Interior Solutions
Greenstar Interior Solutions

Commercial Carpentry

Commercial carpentry is the product of
comprehensive, unmatched training. With
machinery, tools, material and equipment used
in this trade attention to safety is a pre-requisite.
Being proficient with the tools and strategies and
cognitive skills needed in this trade, Greenstar
Interior Solutions prides itself on its attention to
detail with projects delivered with the highest
level of service, quality and importantly, meets

Metal Partition Systems

Metal Partitioning Systems are a cost effective
partitioning system that is commonly used in
the building industry. These partitions are suitable
for all types of commercial applications, in a range
of widths, lengths and thicknesses depending on
requirements, impact resistance and acoustic insulation.
The linings are taped and joined or plaster skim
finished to present a seamless appearance.

Architectural Doors & Hardware

architectural doors are for a beautiful and functional design for offices and commercial projects. A timeless look that complements your existing architecture or your newly designed site.

Fire Rating Walls/Ceilings

A fire-rated wall is a feature of a building's passive
fire protection system that has been checked
and certified by the proper regulatory agency.
There are two basic types of fire-rated walls: true
firewalls and fire barrier walls. The first is a
structurally stable wall that also is certified to
prevent fire from spreading from one side of a
building to the other. Fire barrier walls, on the
other hand, provide fire-rated protection while not
being structurally sound.

Acoustic Finishes

Architectural acoustics (also known as building
acoustics) is the science and engineering of
achieving a good sound within a building.
Architectural acoustics can be about achieving
good speech intelligibility in a theatre, restaurant
or railway station, enhancing the quality of music
in a concert hall or recording studio, or
suppressing noise to make offices more
productive and pleasant places to work in.

Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling is often a secondary ceiling,
hung below the main structural ceiling and is a
staple of modern construction and architecture.
The area above the suspended ceiling is
sometimes used for concealing piping, wiring,
ductwork and air conditioning returns.

Feature Timber Acoustic Cladding

This is defined as a material that can be affixed to the
exterior of a building in order to provide a decorative
and functional finish. In this case, the cladding is
made from timber. Timber cladding generally
comes in boards that are long and narrow and
that are overlapped. However, it can also come
in shingle or panel forms. It can be installed
horizontally (the most popular way), vertically, or
even diagonally, depending on the look that you
are trying to achieve.

External / Interior Cladding (walls)

External cladding is a protective, insulated or aesthetic fixed layer added to the exterior walls of a building.

Glazing Partitioning Suites

Commercial framing. An economical flush glazed, easy to fabricate internal framing system with acoustic double glazing options. Compatible with the 64mm steel stud system, this system can be used with a range of standard door frames from 35mm to 45mm and readily complements plasterboard walls.

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